Real estate disputes can be extremely difficult to navigate. Owning a parcel of earth has long been regarded as unique and special as compared to ownership of movable property. Unsurprisingly, disputes involving property often become contentious and complicated. Perhaps an unruly neighbor is creating a ruckus and ruining your quiet enjoyment, or a seller of land has reneged on an agreement with you to transfer the property. Maybe your neighbor claims that they adversely possessed and now have title to a piece of your land. Applying old English common law and state statutes correctly require doctrinal prowess and thorough understanding of the operative facts of your case.

At Yde Law Firm, our team of advocates have decades of experience representing clients in real estate disputes on both sides of the dispute. We’ve successfully litigated property cases at the pre-filing, pre-trial, and appellate phases of legal disputes.

Our specialties related to property law include, but are not limited to, the following:

Adverse possession;

Easement disputes;

Boundary disputes;

Eminent domain (takings);

Land development agreements;

Specific performance of land contracts;

Nuisance actions; and

Miscellaneous property matters.

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