For small and midsize municipalities, it is hardly ever cost effective to retain full-time in-house legal counsel for assistance in shaping policy and conforming to the letter of the law. Despite this, the complexities municipal governments face still require a skilled and calculated counselor to advise them on best practices and ensure compliance with federal and state law. Democratically elected community members know what’s best for their community, but involving a capable and knowledgeable attorney involved simplifies the governance process and protects the municipality from potential liability down the road.

Attorney Matthew E. Yde has more than a decade of experience helping municipalities navigate legal issues related to big picture governance and day-to-day operations. His experience includes, but is not limited to, the following:

providing written legal memoranda to advise the board on an action’s legality and/or preferred methods

drafting/revising ordinances to ensure conformity with state and federal law

drafting letters proposing state statute revision to the Wisconsin Legislature

providing guidance for municipal land use

negotiating, drafting, and reviewing municipal leases and other contracts

ensuring compliance with public meetings law and open records requests

reviewing internal municipal policies to ensure best practices

reviewing labor & employment policies and agreements with public employees

zoning code enforcement and associated litigation