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Founded in July 1997 by attorneys Gregory Strasser and Matthew Yde, Yde Law Firm, S.C. (previously Strasser & Yde, S.C.) built and maintains a reputation for putting clients first. Consistent dedication to our client’s interests and prompt resolution of their legal concerns is our priority. Our firm has earned the respect of the legal community and built a reputation based upon the pride of accomplishment. It is a reputation that comes from being fully prepared to represent our client’s interests and achieve their goals.

In 2016, Mr. Strasser received the honor of a gubernatorial appointment to fill a trial court judicial vacancy. Strasser & Yde, S.C. therefore became Yde Law Firm, S.C. upon Mr. Strasser taking the judicial bench. Though the name of our firm changed, our philosophy, work ethic, and tactical prowess did not. Our commitment to our clients and the community became even further enshrined in our everyday operations.  

Having over twenty-four years of service to the community, Yde Law Firm, S.C. maintains an excellent track record of representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation. Our firm represents small businesses, corporations, municipalities, and individuals. We don’t bear the label of taking one “side” or the other. Our only goal is to work with our clients to understand their concerns and get them the best results possible through honest, effective, and relentless representation. 

With an unrivaled breadth of experience in a multitude of civil matters at all levels of the state and federal court system, we have positioned ourselves to be your most effective advocate. Our team of four experienced litigators and two meticulous paralegals want to work for you. Call us to schedule a consultation (715) 845-7800.