Mr. Yde mediates a pro se case.

The litigation process can be costly. Promptly resolving your dispute may save all parties concerned thousands of dollars, not to mention significant time and needless stress. Involving an effective mediator at any stage of the pre-trial process can move the needle toward a fair settlement in a timely manner. As a result, justice is quicker, cleaner, and less costly for both sides.

Effective mediation requires an individual with extensive expertise. A mediator must be able to assess a given set of facts, foresee how a hypothetical trial would unfold, apply complex questions of law, and anticipate how a jury would perceive the evidence. As a result, experience in the courtroom is paramount to ensure that the mediator’s advice is an accurate forecast of the claim’s value at trial.

At Yde Law Firm, Matthew E. Yde, Esq. is proud to offer mediation services for civil disputes. Mr. Yde brings more than thirty years of experience as a trial attorney, unyieldingly advocating for plaintiffs and defendants in a wide constellation of matters. As an effective trial attorney, Mr. Yde has trained himself to think like a juror, anticipate the judge’s application of law, and predict the outcome of his matter far before it reaches a jury. This skill set lends naturally to impartial and effective mediation on most all civil matters. To request mediation from Mr. Yde, call (715) 845-7800.