Lauren K. Yde, Esq.

Lauren K. Yde, Esq. joined Yde Law Firm in 2019 and is a member of the firm’s general civil litigation group. After graduating high school at D.C. Everest Senior High in 2010, Ms. Yde went on to her undergraduate studies at Marquette University, studying biology and philosophy. She then worked as a paralegal in Milwaukee, focusing primarily on insurance defense. Her experience in legal support only further enhanced her interest in practicing. Following, Ms. Yde matriculated at the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis, MN. Upon graduation, Ms. Yde passed the Wisconsin Bar Exam and the Minnesota Bar Exam and was admitted into both jurisdictions on her first attempts.

Like her brother, Ms. Yde was inspired to study law by her father, Matthew E. Yde, Esq. Saddened by widespread injustice around her, Ms. Yde felt an obligation to acquire the necessary recognition and know-how to fight for the everyday man, woman, and child when the default odds of success are stacked against them. Amidst a complicated litigation process, the everyday client needs a high-powered attorney to stand in their corner and vigorously defend their interests against a party with deeper pockets. Ms. Yde wakes up every morning to zealously serve her clients and neutralize the disadvantage everyday people face when attempting to access our justice system.

Ms. Yde prides herself on being extremely tactical with the advice she gives, identifying every tenable position the adverse party could take on a given issue and preparing contingencies to best position the client, rain or shine. Having previously worked at a firm that exclusively practiced insurance defense, Ms. Yde regularly draws on her experiences of defense litigation tactics to anticipate the adverse party’s moves and protect her client’s interests when representing the complainant. When representing the defendant in a particular matter, Ms. Yde’s past experience in defense representation directly informs her strategy to ensure the least damaging outcome for her client. Ms. Yde’s plaintiff-side litigation experience at Yde Law Firm also serves to help her anticipate the likely moves of the plaintiff’s lawyer before a complaint is filed, during pre-trial settlement, and during trial.

Whatever “side” of the law, Ms. Yde is here to ensure the highest tier of legal representation available. To schedule a consultation with Ms. Yde, please call (715) 845-7800.